Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Merry Christmas

In two weeks it is going to be christmas we are going to invite our whole family. WOW! I can not wait for it to be Christmas and when my family comes over I am going to jump high.

Then when they come inside the house my mum is going to make a roast chicken and pavlova. After we have roast chicken we are going to open the presents when my mum says merry christmas we say merry christmas back to her.

In the evening Enyahlee and I went to my dad’s house my dad is going to buy Swag pants and a Swag top for me. When it is Christmas we are going to town and going to his job at Smith and Cowie and we are going to get free lunch and a free photo i can not wait.

Thank you to Keis for editing my writing.

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