Thursday, 4 April 2013

Blue Fish

Blue Fish on The Footpath

1. Find a map of the Auckland area and find where the Waitemata Harbour is. Paste your map showing this in this doc to share and explain.

2. What were the painted fish stencils meant to do?Stop people from putting waste down the stormwater drains.

3. Where were they painted?By the drains and in front of their school and by the petrol station

4. Explain where the stormwater was going.To the sea and the hordour

5. What is stormwater.When it rains the water goes into the drains and into the sea and people put waste in there

6. Why is it bad to let waste go down the stormwater drain?Because it kills fish and living crates

7. Which drains did the kids paint the stencils around? Shops,outside their school and the petrol station

8. Where does sewage water go to? (see the diagram)The creeks near them and the Hadour

9. How does this article relate to Omaru Creek?That people are tipping waste into our creek and make it like it is there rubbish bin

10. List 3 things you think is going in the storm water drains around the shops other than water. Rubbish,GAS and oil

11. If we had the chance to put painted signs around our local storm water drains, what would they need to warn people about?There is living creatures in this creek do not put waste in there don’t kill

12. You are going to design a sign/picture/painting/stencil or image that you think would help the stormwater drains going into Omaru Creek.
Have this ready to show on the projector and explain to the group.That we should say in this creek there are fish and living creatures

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Iron said...

Hello Shirquera,
Awesome work. I like the Blue fish story because we read it as well. It will be so fun if we could actually put a warning picture near a drain so no one tips or waste anything. What do you reckon? By the way I will look at your blog every months to see more. Keep it up!!

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