Friday, 26 October 2012

Point England school

After school Broneq and Keis went to the Pt England Shops and they both had 10 dollars and they went to get some food for them. When they got to the shops they had got two lollies when they got the lollies they both had nine dollars left.

When they got outside the shop got redded the man how redded the shop he had a gun the gun had pink love hearts on it. When he got inside he said put your hand’s up our get out side. When the shop Keeper’s got outside the man put some food into his bag and filled it up to the top.

When the man started to run the owens went to get the police when the police came they were looking for him. He was going to the beach when he got to the beach he opened the beach. After he opened the bag at the beach the police found him and took him to jail.

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