Monday, 29 October 2012

bush walk

Once upon too kids called Josh and Nick and the teacher miss Alan went up the manetin on a trip .They were going for a pink neck and for a walk up in the bush.Then they kept on walking.

After they got up the manetin Nicki  had cut her leg. Josh went to get the teacher when Josh got miss Alan miss alan went to get a plaster. When miss Alan got there was no more plasters left. Miss Alan was looking for something to rap it up with.

When the bus arrived at the manetin miss Alan ran and said “do you have any plasters” and the bus driver  said “yes I have two more left”. When the bus driver gave the plaster to miss Alan miss gave the plaster to Josh.

How it is solved.
Josh went to go to Nicki when Josh gave the plaster to Nicki put on her leg.When Josh gave the plaster to Nicki was feeling happy when Josh gave the plaster. After Nicki said “that she felt happy”.   

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