Thursday, 29 November 2012


Last Tuesday the year 5’s went to room 16 and we went swimming. When we got our togs  Mr Somerville said “go and get changed you have 3 minutes and if you are not ready before 3
minutes you are not swimming”.  When all of the girls and boys were ready Mr Somerville said “lets go”.

As we were getting into the pool it was getting wavy because people were diving into the pool. When we got into the pool Mr Somerville  said “be quiet” and then we played games.

Then after Mr Somerville said we are going to play games Mr Somerville chucked the tennis ball into the pool and anyone could get the ball and the first one to bring it to me get’s a score for their team. If you got  15 scores your team wins.

I wish that we could go again because it is fun and we play games and it is just fun.Thank you to hope and Keis for editing my writing.

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