Thursday, 16 August 2012

At 10:55 Room 15 was getting ready to make sausages sizzles. First we had to peel the onions and some people were crying and we cut them in half into cut rings.

When we were done Mr Marks put the sausages on the grill and it will be cooking we were waiting and the music room and then came back . Mele,Sarah,Meleane and Aldora were getting ready to pute and the bread on and the tomato sauce and the BBQ sauce.

As we were waiting we got a bread and a sausage and with onions with tomato sauce and BBQ sauce. It smelled like I was in heaven I love it because it tasted nice. Yum that was very very very nice yummy.

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Mr Marks said...

Great to see you using different sentence beginnings Shirquera. Keep working on your planning so you can make sure your paragraphs are about one idea.

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