Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cross Country Shirquera

Friday at 12:30 Pm our whole entire school had to do Cross Country we had to walk down to pt england reserve and all the nine year olds went first. Then after they went the ten year olds went at the starting I had lost my shoe but I keep on going in one hole shoe and in a sock.

As we were running we got into the track it smelled like I was in a garbage bin I hated it as I keep running and I saw some people slippy  it was so funny. But when I got up to the muddy bit I sipped in the mud.
At the finishing line I had to STOP and I felt exhausted and lazily I fall on the grass. I slipped in the mud and I was very messy and when I got home from school I got ready to get  in the shower and I got clean and then got ready to go out.

Go Martartoa keep on going get to the end I was so so happy I finished it yeah.

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Mr Marks said...

Good first attempt at this weeks writing Shirquera but you need to edit again please. You have spelling mistakes, you have missed capital letters and some of your sentences are actually two and need punctuation to help fix them up.

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