Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Birthday The 3rd of July

Yah! On July the 3ed it is going to be my birthday I can’t wait.On my birthday we are celebrating   me and my 2 two cousins birthdays we are yes,yes,yes. We are going to have our birthdays at my cousin ryan’s house.

When I was talking to my aunty she said (that the birthday cake was going to be a surprise) and I said (Thanks aunty for making it a surprise I hope It makes me burst ) I replied thank in a happy face.

WHen we get there I am going to get in my togs and go jump in the pool or the spa.If it is cold I am going to get in the spa but iF it is hot and a nice day I’m going to go in the pool where it is cold.But I think I can take the cold and jump in the freezing pool. After I get in I will get out and then BOOM it and make it HUGE .

After we finished swimming we are going to rip the presents a part and see what we got.I hope that I get a new phone and some new clothes and shoes.
Now there is only 9 more days till  my birthday and only 10 more days till my cousins ryan’s and riven’s  and 11 more day till I go to my aunt's house.I will be turning 11 years old OMG.

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